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Do you want more anxiety, or do you want more joy? Do you want more fear, depression, bitterness, and overall misery, or do you want more joy? Of course, your answer to these questions is more joy! We all want and need more joy in our lives, but how do we get it, and how do we keep it?


Finding Joy is a five-week study designed to teach and equip you how to increase the joy in your life. In this study, we will answer questions such as,

"Did God promise joy, and if He did, why don't I always have it?"

"Is it possible to experience joy no matter how difficult my extenuating circumstances may be?"

"How does my mindset affect my joy, and how do I change it?"

"How do I get back the joy I have lost?"

In Finding Joy, author and Bible teacher Paulette Stamper draws from lessons God has taught her about joy through the study of Scripture, personal experience, and years spent ministering to women of all ages in all walks of life. Finding Joy is a journey that extracts timeless truths from Scripture and teaches us how to incorporate them into our daily lives. The workbook* contains thought-provoking questions with journaling opportunities intended to help us better understand our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs, discovering what brings us joy, what steals it, and what we must do to get it back.

 If you want to increase your joy and experience all that God has promised you, then Finding Joy is for you!

*workbooks available onsite at The Creek or on Amazon.

WHERE: Indian Creek Christian Church OR LIVE on Facebook

WHEN: Begins Monday, September 9th (6:30pm @ The Creek / 7:00pm LIVE on Facebook) for 5 weeks