Paulette lives in Indianapolis, IN with Jake, her pretty-darn-good-looking husband of almost 18 years, Max, their high maintenance but cute 20lb mutant-Maltese, Alex and Monica, the two crazy outside cats, and give or take a few twenty-somethings that keep life interesting.

Paulette holds a Masters Degree from Liberty University in Professional Counseling and enjoys spending her time with women of all ages.  She thoroughly enjoys writing and teaching Bible studies. She has authored multiple Bible studies including Sand Surfers – Encountering God and Discovering Divine Purpose in the Desert and Rescued – A Journey from Darkness to Light, MindShift, Simply Mark, Simply Jesus, just to name a few. She has also authored one book, Straight-Up Crazy: A Call to Radical Faith. Currently, she is busy writing a new study based on Revelation 1-3 and will teach it at Ignite in Indianapolis this fall. Her passion and life mission is to encourage and equip women with the truth of God’s Word to fulfill God’s calling on their lives.

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In a world full of speakers and writers, Paulette is a refreshing voice. Her passion for bringing the Word of God to the hearts of women is transformative. With down-home humor, timeless biblical truths, and an effervescent, contagious passion for Jesus, Paulette inspires her audience to take an action step toward fresh faith and a renewed commitment toward Christ.