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Devoted: Discovering A Life of Passion, Power and Purpose* is a 5-week study based on Ezra 7:10, "Ezra devoted himself to the study and observance of the Law of the Lord and to teaching its decrees and laws in Israel." Through Ezra's example, you will grow in your love of God's Word and learn how to apply its truths and power in your everyday life. The faith of Ezra changed the course of history. Will your faith do the same? 

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Jesus visited your church? What would He see? What would He experience? What would He say?

Discover what Jesus said to the seven ancient churches and what He says to our church today in the new study, Got Ears? Seven Letters, Seven Churches, based on Revelation 1-3.

Do we have ears to hear?

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Simply Mark, Simply Jesus, dives deep into the waters of Mark to rediscover the simple, beautiful, and life changing truths about the Person of Jesus Christ.

4 weeks homework

It's no secret, we all know it. The world around us has gone completely crazy. But just because the world is going crazy doesn't mean we have to go with it. As followers of Christ, we are surrounded by the darkness of the world. We are often tempted to focus on the chaos, tragedy, and uncertainty; pulling us further and further from God and preventing us from shining the light of Christ.

How can we think differently about our culture? 
How can we be women who stand out in a world far from God?

In this study on Psalm 37, we will discover how to shift our focus from the temporal to the eternal and learn how to be women who stand out as beacons of hope in a dark world. 

5 video teaching sessions/4 weeks homework

What does radical faith look like? Do you believe God wants to do the impossible in and through you? He does. What would life look like if the flames of your faith were fanned into a radical inferno, to the point where it would be described as straight-up crazy? Can you imagine the impact on your life and the world?

You weren’t meant to have a boring faith. You were meant to have straight-up crazy faith. Is your faith straight-up crazy?

Each chapter contains a "Coffee Chat" section which includes discussion questions designed for individual or small group use. 

What others are saying about Straight-Up Crazy...

Have you ever stood on the precipice of an amazing adventure, yet the fear of the unknown has kept you clinging to the comfort of your “normal” lifestyle? Straight-Up Crazy is the nudge that will tip you over the edge of, “I believe Jesus has a plan for my life” to “I am experiencing His extraordinary and exciting destiny for me!”  Paulette Stamper has an amazing gift that inspires the family of God to go beyond the natural and live a supernatural life that is so crazy it could only be His power that is working through the limitation of our humanity.  Read this book, if you dare, and you too will hear the call to JUMP off the edge of normal Christianity.  You will find yourself smack dab in the middle of a great-big-God-produced-possible that will thrill and delight you as your radical faith begins to change the world. –Amy Byrd, author of Blessed Beyond Belief: Claiming Your Rights in Christ

Straight-Up Crazy is the perfect book for anyone who is desires a fresh infusion of radical faith!  If your Christian journey has felt safe, comfortable, "normal," or even boring, Paulette's enthusiasm and passion will have you ready to step out of the "stinkin' boat" and experience the joy of "walking on the water" in no time! Not only does Paulette do an excellent job of unpacking God’s Word in a relevant and powerful way, she weaves in her own personal insecurities and victories with transparency and authenticity. Paulette writes not as a distant teacher, but as a fellow sojourner, a personal cheerleader, a trusted girlfriend reminding you Who God is and what He is able to do! Before long, you'll be "craving the crazy" too! My sense is as you read Straight-Up Crazy, you’ll create a list of others you know who would enjoy Paulette's passionate and fun teaching style. Trust me, you’ll want to read it for yourself first, and then pass it along! It's that good! -Cindy Bultema, Speaker and Author of Red Hot Faith: Lessons from a Lukewarm Church

Paulette takes familiar stories from the Bible many of us have heard over and over, but drags us into that boat with Peter and all the other disciples. As I read chapter 4, I could see myself in the boat wondering if I live my life in safety or if I was a “water walker” with Jesus. And then I had to consider: Is “safety” really worth it? Do I desire “normal” over Jesus? And if so, for what am I settling? Straight-Up Crazy challenges me to fulfill what it means to follow Christ…to do life differently, even if it means I might look a little nuts in the eyes of the world. –Jennifer Ferguson, co-author of Pure Eyes, Clean Heart: A Couple’s Journey to Freedom from Pornography

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Did you know that the same God that...
Spoke to Moses from the burning bush,
Turned the Nile River to blood,
Parted the Red Sea,
Defeated the enemy armies,
Provided manna to eat in the desert and
Wrote the 10 commandments,

is the same God that invites you to personally encounter Him and discover divine purpose in the desert? Are you ready to encounter the God of Moses and the Israelites? Then grab your sandals and sand goggles and travel from slavery to freedom in “Sand Surfers: Encountering God and Discovering Divine Purpose in the Desert.”

10 video teaching sessions/9 weeks homework

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Do you sometimes feel like God is overlooking you? Do you wrestle with thoughts of worthlessness, failure or insignificance? Do you often think, “I’m the only one who feels this way”?

Rescued, A Journey from Darkness to Light is a unique 6-week bible study based on the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Colossians. In it, you will discover exciting and life-changing truths about who God is and who He says you are. You will “meet” several women who openly share their own journey of God’s intimate work in their lives. Their stories will encourage and inspire you as you see God’s word come to life through their personal experiences. As you embark on this journey, you too will experience God’s personal movement in your life. He delights in rescuing those He loves, and He loves you! Isn’t it time for you to begin your journey from darkness to light? 

6 video teaching sessions/5 weeks homework

In this 3-week study, you will study the three well known mountain top experiences of Moses, Elijah and Abraham, and discover that they are not all different from your own.

3 video teaching sessions/3 weeks homework

Timothy lived during a time of increased opposition to the gospel message. He was surrounded by scoffers and doubters. While Timothy may not have been tempted to blend in with the culture, he may have struggled with taking a bold stand for his faith in Jesus Christ. Can you relate? Paul wrote two powerful letters to Timothy reminding him of his purpose and his calling, urging him to fan the flame of his faith. This study will encourage you and empower you become bold in your faith. 

4 weeks video teachings/no homework